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What popular opinions need to be fact checked?
What accessible medicines are overlooked?
Which current wellness trends actually work?
e.g. Which rhetorical strategies are actually effective?

Rhetoric is usually taught as an art, studying the tactics of great orators or popular communication experts (e.g. Cialdini's principles of persuasion, Cicero's 6-part formula, Chris Voss's techniques). These pieces of oratory advice can and should be experimentally tested on real audiences.

e.g. Is there a better treatment for the common cold?

In a world nearing AGI and reversing aging, why don’t we have a better solution for the common cold? Do those little immune-boosting ginger shots do anything useful? Perhaps more thorough experimentation of existing treatments could unearth something right under our nose.

e.g. Is a cold shower as effective as a cold plunge?

Cold plunges are very trendy, with claimed benefits such as reduced inflammation and improved mood. But cold plunge tubs are not as easily accessible as a simple cold shower. Can this more common protocol be effective too?

What unknown unknowns lie in the deep sea?

The deepest point in the entire Atlantic Ocean is less than 100 miles from Puerto Rico. Our partners at Crown Hydrodynamics, a local independent naval engineering firm, are prepared to execute a deep sea mission with a custom-designed deep sea exploration instrument that can withstand the intense pressures of the deep while recording video and sensor data.

A deep sea jellyfish
What makes a sexual interaction satisfying?

Sex is one of the most powerful forces that drives humans, but sex research is notoriously difficult to conduct. A lab environment undoubtedly distorts participants’ responses, and surveys cannot easily demonstrate causality. We are developing our own wearable tracking device that detects sexual pleasure in order to run these studies more effectively.

A tracking chart

What do you want to know?

Whatever your question, we apply our Gold-Silver-Bronze framework to design a feasible, valid experiment aligned with your goals. We handle all implementation details, executing a custom science project that allows you to take an active role in discovering the answers you seek.